18 Feb 2007

New Beginnings

Ok sports-fans where to begin?! Well I’m currently trying to watch to the first season of Lost, which is pretty good – I kinda feel like I’m catching up with the masses – it has been around for a long time lol! Also have in general been watching too much TV – 24 Season 6, Spooks, Shameless, Skins, etc. & just spending far too much time playing with some new games on the 360. Oh it is a terrible life being a student lol!

However, it’s not all just playing games & watching TV, I have also been doing some youthwork! Things have been very interesting in the world of the North Leigh youthworker – there have been some problems with acquiring new leaders, as is the norm in rural youthwork, so have employed an inside-out approach, so that by encouraging young people to lead their peers. So far so good….it’s just that there have only been….3 people turning up to one of the youth groups – ahhh I spot a problem!

In terms of the practical side of things, the new youth centre is nearly finished – it’s due for completion at the end of February – wow! Also got some funding……well quite a lot really 14’000 to be precise!! All to be spent on resources – fantastic!

Right back to the Lostnessnessness!

Si <><

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