Project Work

  • Blogger Update: give it a fresh feel, add some navigation & regular content - ongoing much! I'm trying to keep it simple & not have too much information, as well as keeping it as up-to date as possible. Also I'd adding some page which are going to be ongoing updates which I add to, rather than just being a standard post - so a page 'About Me' & this 'Project Page' are up & running - I'm now producing a 'Lifetime Refelction' page & 'People/Musicians of Note' pages. COMPLETED (more pages coming soon)
  • Operation Housemove: moving into my first Cowley (East Oxford) - currently almost everything I own is in already, but I need to finish, clean & tidy up & sort out all the household bills - epic! COMPLETED...but this will start again after the summer, when we work out where we're going to live!
  • Tech Purchasing: after my Christmas present of a Blu Ray player (thanks old man), linking it to my LCD TV, along with my Sky+ HD Box & Xbox 360 Elite - there's a defintite sound quality issue. I think £500 & a quick trip to Richer Sounds will sort that out - but it's still a project at this stage.I'm also going to then look at a bigger TV - 40"+ is defintely on the cards - but again finances might well be a stumbling block for now. MOSTLY COMPLETE...apart from a new LED TV please :D
  • Look to volunteer (for youthwork): start to make use of that degree course again- not till September 2010: ON HOLD through the highly changable environment known as 2011 - getting married & moving to a whole new area means this might not now begin till 2012 at the earliest.
  • Look at more long-term plans: more on that to come...see this article! Part 1 COMPLETED Part 2...beginning after summer 2011.
  • Plan a wedding(!): this will take a little time and a load of effort and has already started, with a preliminary date of June 2012 October 15th 2011. IN PROGRESS See main blog pages for regular updates.

  • VLE Usage Document: this is a document trying to highlight which VLE (Virtual Learning Enviroment) is being used by which LEA (Local Educational Authority) in the UK. This means going to over 1000 school websites & trying to decipher if a VLE is present on the main homepage - a very long & laborious process.COMPLETED
  • Reworking 'The Volt': this is a mammoth project - reqorking the old FAQ intranet site for my department. The Volt is was the primary method for customer support when the department was originally setup - I need to clear out the old contnet & add new/relevant FAQ's (& potentially rebrand it). I'm thinking about 6 months work for this - minimum - so I don't get bogged down too fast & try get it done in a month or two! COMPLETED
  • New helpdesk software: This will require getting all user data, all product data & getting it cleaned up & imported, then getting the team to buy into the new system & use it properly. COMPLETED
  • New projects for 2nd Line: Forums, Blogs, better presence on internal websites, new Survey, problem management, change management, ONGOING (RESEARCHING)
  • Securing a full-time, permenant position: ONGOING...till I'm blue in the face!