25 Jun 2007

Musical Muse

OK more updates time [told you so!]:

I went to a gig on Saturday 16th June.....in the new Wembley Stadium.....to see a little band called MUSE! [check out my Facebook Photos to see more!] Without a doubt this was the best gig I've seen - Muse seem to have this presence on stage - surprising for a 3-piece band, but the sound was just excellent. The lead guitarist [Matt] gave such a versitile and virtuoso performance, and the bassist [Chris] and drummer [Dom] balance the whole sound and give it volume.

The setlist was long and included hits from all their 4 studio albums, then just to be awesome, they did 2[!] encores - which was all rather good! So overall, the sound was great, the tracks were tight, the performance was awesome & the lighting & special effects were brilliant lol!

The theory is that this is coming out on the most devious of D's [that's DVD for the hard of thinking] so you may all enjoy it to!

We continue!

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