17 Aug 2007


Day 12 - Wednesday
Another very early morning, meeting at 7.15 lol! Young Sarah was leading it & gave us a rendition of her favorite song, was really cool. My crew [Alpha Squad] were all going to Monkeyworld today which looked to be good fun. We were to board a big yellow coach thing – yaaay on a coach with many screaming young campers – eeeek!! Also, as it was my cousin’s birthday [Andy – The Giant] so I gave him a call to wish him Happy Birthday [he’s old now – 27…oh wait, he’s only 6 months older than me d’oh!].

Monkeyworld was pretty rad – there were monkey’s everywhere lol! However, there were a few problems [well 7 of them lol], no really it was good fun, but there were what appeared to be a million young people milling around – eeeek! We also visited the gift shop & I got some monkeys – a big chimp, a really cute…grey…monkey…thing & the best thing ever – a snoring monkey – it’s a monkey…that snores heavily lol!!! After we had finished looking at all the monkeys, with our monkeys [lol], we got on the coach & headed back home.

On the way back, I got all my monkeys stolen by the Tizzy & fallen asleep on by the Mad-Eye! Although the funniest thing I’d seen all day, had to have been when we de-coached & Mad-Eye [having just woken up] picked up a box, got off the coach & staggered & fell over – so harsh, but so very funny lol!! She did look like a drunkener, it was proper funny, then me, Tizzy & Rosie helped her back up & escorted her back to the camp [where she stayed till 2nd Helpings lol!].

The evening’s activities were a campfire, then cocoa & sleep for the campers! The campfire was cool, testimonies [including one from Nate which nearly made me cry with happiness – go on my brother!] & some acoustic worship – that always rocks my socks [as the great Oli would say] – especially: blessed by your name [plus one other – I’ll remember which one…eventually lol].

For the last bit of the night, hung out in the kitchen, with crazy conversations going on, including; me & Nate whispering expletives to each other, Smellit talking about taking a dump & it being a penguin, etc. lol! Then me & Nate went back to our tent & had a torch fight - why?! I just don’t know, but it seemed funny at the time, but we might possibly have woken up Hobbit lol!!

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