7 Apr 2008


Dissertation blog

OK blog-fans, just a quick update about my dissertation. It’s going pretty good, am over 7000 [out of 8000-10500 limit] but am being severely challenged to keep motivated, so here is the run-down of what on earth I’m talking about;

1] Home situation; This is a tricky one, my home environment, after much reflection & processing has become just about the worst place for me right now.

After a recent lecture about eating disorders [specifically anorexia & bulimia] I was reminded about how I was in my teenaged days how underweight I was [6 feet tall & well under 10 stone – you do the math] – yes I was before you start on my belly size :oP So anyways, I got to thinking about my eating habits…or lack of them!

I basically don’t eat breakfast, sometimes skip luncheon & normally eat dinner. This could be described as slightly unhealthy [ya think!]. Yet the reasons are not simple. What I have to contend with is my phenomenal grandfather, who has the unnatural ability to not comprehend how humanoids work. Basically I can’t use the kitchen on the basis that it a] never has any food b] if I cook ANYTHING it is too smelly [even though his main food seems to be fish – go figure] c] his entire diet consists of bread, cheese, fish, vegetables & fruit – all very commendable, but there are other people in the world, who have different tastes.

Just to top it all off, I’m either ignored or complained at, at all times – too lazy, not working hard enough, always on the computer, socially recluse, always playing games, cooking putrid food [oh really I thought it was called spag bol!]. For f@%k’s sake I’m a student, youthworker, outgoing, very sociable, amicable & a people person!!

2] Sickness; OK since I’ve started my dissertation; here’s what I’ve had to contend with; sore throat, instant-runny nose, stomach bug, diarrhoea, flu, headache, head cold, pain in my kidneys, bladder, prostate, back, knees, ankle & just to top it off a distinct lack of sleep!! What doesn’t help is stopping my pain suppressants [on the basis of wanting to work harder, faster, more!] but I don’t think I can keep that up – am going have to go back to it – d’oh! I reckon most of this is stress related, but to be fair if you don’t get stressed about a dissertation there’s something fundamentally wrong with you!

Right I can think of only one person trying to get in my way of finishing this dissertation, so if you read this – PRAY!! I think I need all the prayer I can get, many of you are already, but the more the better.

OK enough rambling [I’m doing enough of that in my dissertation lolz!], back to my dissertation…rambling!!

Note: Please treat this as reflective, non-offensive & with a degree of confidentiality & sensitivity.


Projetor said...

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miss kt said...

hey dude, again with the much support from this part of the UK, it's ok you'll get there.

The aches and stuff probably are very stress related (I get similar), but unfortuantely it'll probably take a few weeks or so for them to settle once you've finished.

sadness that home is like that for you, but i'm sure you have many reasons to enjoy woking more anyway ;) dont forget you are always more than welcome to stay at mine (and if not, then you both HAVE to come and stay once you're done! lol)

oh and the only thing that can smell out a house a house more than fish is eggs - i think he may have defective smell glands or something

But you WILL get there, go si go!!!!!