14 Sep 2008

Moar Updates

OK bloggerites, here's some more updates as to what's going on with me right at this second!!

Diss/Uni/CYM update:

After the panic of my Diss, I managed [with a little help from Lego (nods appreciatively)] to resubmit my dissertation, & then last week rang Linda at CYM to confirm if I'd passed it - the most exciting news is I PASSED w00t w00t.....W00T!!!

This means that I ge tot graduatify on 8th October - now all I've got to do is to send off me forms, & books some robes & a silly hat - will post pix when I can.

Another excitement with this is that I'm going to finally have all my fambily behind me for getting my papers - both parentals, my baby bruv, my grandfather & the Maddie all supporting me in this last great hurrah of my degree! But for now.....

....mischief managed!!

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