8 Sep 2008

Monday Update

OK here's what's going on; it's Monday & 10:10am & I'm in Woking & sorting out some applications for some more youthwork jobs - I'm still unemployed & searching for my first post-graduate youthwork job. So far I've sent in many applications & got nowhere - had interviews but still nowhere. What I've done is to go back to the drawing board with what I'm trying to achieve - let's wipe the slate clean & start again.

After much discussion & advice gleaning from wise & learned people I believe I've struck up on the answer to why I've not any further than the interview stage. The problem is a lack of vision - not of knowing where to go - but of what I'm going to do when I get there. This was present in my first interview [Morden Parish, London] but perhaps missing ever since [with the definite exception of St Luke's, Brighton].

I now believe that I'm going to need to do some serious thought & contemplation before getting more interviews!!

Now to waaaar!!

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