21 Oct 2008

Clubbing & Spirituality - my thoughts

OK here are my thoughts….albeit briefly on the idea of the spirituality of clubbing.

Firstly what do I mean by clubbing? This, I would describe as the culture of dance music; specifically the sub-genre’s of Trance & Hard House. I choose these two specifically because of my own experience in going to clubs where this was the musical genre of choice. However, this can also be expanded to any genre of dance music, but usually with the stipulation that live mixing [that of merging two musical tracks together using either CD or vinyl turntables] takes place. The joy of dance music is that it is continually evolving.

In terms of the spirituality & dance music, I would argue that there is a real sense that when clubbers gather together & in the patterns that they form in the venue that they are dancing, there are at least parallels with how church operates. From ‘greeting’ at the door [bouncers!] & refreshments [all be it alcoholic], to the ‘alter’ that the DJ operates from. There is even a bizarre parallel to the ‘holiest of holies’ - the green room where the DJ’s gather before their performances.

This may not necessarily represent a true, or at least Christian idea of spirituality, but my argument would centre on the idea that there is still the search for spirituality. As a seasoned clubber myself [& one who still listens to a great deal of dance music!] I would suggest that having seen how clubbers behave, I would suggest that there really is spirituality rife in the clubbing world & therein lies a great opportunity for evangelism & to reach out to these people who are searching for something….although they may not know what!!

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