8 Oct 2008

Idea Factory

Now this sounds a little far-fetched, however, a random idea came to me the other day & I thought I should blog as such. The simplest way to describe this is that I wish to create some form of studio. To grow this as an idea, I shall expand on what I mean.

At the moment I'm still living at home & have wheat I call my lounge downstairs which at the moment just has a TV & DVD surround-sound system in it. I also have a large Apple iMac in my room which has some limited music making capabilities. I've also got my guitar set-up in the lounge. Now my father has offered me a Roland keyboard & another USB MIDI keyboard.

What struck me was that with all this kit, why not put it all together. The potential is that I could get more kit & then get the boys [Nate, Hobbit, AJ/PeteE] round to jam & record some random worship/rock stuff.

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