10 Oct 2008

Ideas Factory 3

If this studio idea has some merit, then here is a product which might just help me. It's called the JamVOX & is made by the legendary VOX Amplifier manufacturer.

The idea is that you get monitor speakers, which you can jack your electric/acoustic guitar into. It also has a mic input.

The unit hooks up to your Mac or PC via USB 2.0 & with the software you can change the inputted sound.

The software itself uses various synthesized amplifiers, stomp-boxes & effects pedals to alter the sound. Although it is synthetic, I believe that for recording purposes it could be brilliant.

It will record digitally which will be great for edting purposes.

It is not hugely priced - it is about £150 online at the moment. However, this is not much more expensive than a reasonable practice amp [VOX or Marshall].

Overall, I think that this could make a brilliant start for the idea of a studio & a worthy purchase!

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