9 Oct 2008

Thoughts of a post-grad!!

Well yesterday it finally happened - Brainshare has become a post-graduate!! I picked up my Bachelor of Arts degree certificate for my Youth & Community Works with applied Theology, along with most of the rest of the Class of '08!

It was my first degree so didn't really know what to expect, but it was pretty good - managed to get my old man over from Switzerland [but he missed his flight back & is only now back home!], my mum, brother & grandfather down from Oxford & my dear Madd Thoughts came up from Canterbury. A great day was had by all, with the slight exception of my bro who I'm not sure enjoyed the whole God aspect of the proceedings!!

It was a great day out in London [yes I know I went to Oxford Brookes, but why would that mean graduating in that fair city?!] & it was great to see so many former classmates there.

I'll post up a few pics in a little while, but for now here's the 'money shot' ;o)

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Very nicce!