27 Oct 2008

A whole year!

OK this is a quick update for my relationship with Maddie - we've been together for a whole year today! I got her a cute, but fairly grown-up watch from Swatch in Canterbury which replaces her really old one from Disneyland Paris!! She got me loads of small & random presents, like a brand for toast which you press in then toast & it leaves a message - awwwww & some other narly things as well!! & the cards were proper cute as well.

Today we spent the whole day together, sharing meals, looking around Woking & as I type she's making me a romantical dinner - awwwww!! We've not spent a huge amount of monies on each other, but to be honest that's not really the point - we've managed with the means that we have & we've had the day together so that's all that matters.

It's been a great year, being with Maddie & long may it continue ;o)

Six [all loved up] out

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Maddie said...

i love you and miss you!