8 Apr 2009

Hot Chip Gig Report

This is from what seems like a very long time ago...oh wait it was!! Way back on 23rd October [2008] in Southampton Guildhall.

The gig was of course Hot Chip & my accompanying crew were Madd, Doodles & her friend Hols.

As a general setup, the Guildhall was pretty good, it looks like an old cinema or theatre & had a good vibe about it. There were about 8 strobes & there plenty of studio lighting, rather than effects (a la Lemon Jelly) or anthing.

Here's their setlist:
One Pure Thought,
Bendable, Posable,
Shake a Fist,
I Was a Boy at School,
Hold On
*Alley Cats (New Song),
Over & Over,
*(New Song),
Ready for the Floor,
Made in the Dark,

*(New Song),
My Piano.
No Fit State

Nothing Compares (Cover)

The support act was terrible, so bad in fact, I'm not going to say anything about him! Hot Chip, however, were great - they really know how to rock the crowd & their set was packed with great tracks. Also their performance was really passionate & they worked really hard.

Overall I'd give it 4* (out of 5*), they lost one with that shocking support act!

For an alternate review, check out what click music had to say.

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