30 Apr 2009

Prayer request/answer to prayer:

This is a copy/pasta from an email I sent out today to my homegroup, but I thought I'd share it with the Brainshare it as well:

It was great to see everyone at 18-30's & I thought I'd bear my heart at the moment. This was a vision which I've been unable to shift this from my head, so I thought I'd share it:

"I felt adrift, like an ancient mariner caught in the middle of the ocean with no wind or compass to get to land & out of trouble."

I beleive this feeling has come from not being able to find a youthwork position which I have been able to fill, even after getting a degree & youthwork qualification & being experienced for many years working with young people etc. etc.

However, the positive form this is that people are really rallying round for me - I've now started applying for more vacancies in youthwork & am not limiting myself to any particular geographical location - in fact I completed an application form last night for Leicester, & for an eccumenical organisation - all based on a recommendation from a former classmate.

I now feel that with a little direction, this lost man might finally find the shore, but please pray that I can finally get there!

Six out

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Maddie said...

i love you simon hodgkins