14 Apr 2009

You Twitt

Having seen all the hype about Twitter, I finally succumbed & joined up myself. As a total shock I decided to be called Pikachuind, so check me out & follow me here.

Basically, for the uninitiated, it is very similar to the status updates for Facebook & it follows that it is known as an online social network. However, it is much simpler than other site, like Facebook, myspace, etc. because it's not geared up for a certain age bracket, but for 'everyone'. The idea is that you follow people & other people follow you.

It's quite addictive & also, there's less onus on you to do anything, it's really just a mini-blog. This sense of minuscule-ness is further heightened by the fact that you only have 140 characters to tell the world something. Also it's not just for us mere geeks, apparently celebrities use it as well, the most popular being Barack Obama, Stephen Fry, Jonathan Ross & Britney Spears but there are loads of others a well, including my favourites Bill Bailey & Eddie Izzard - theirs are classic.

My advice is to go check it out & see what some of your friends & some stars are up to!

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