30 Oct 2009

Tiny tiny url's

The TinyURLwebsite (http://www.tiny.cc/), is a very clever tool which allows you to "Post shortened URL links on blogs or forums. Make email friendly URLs. Simplify links to your website. Hide an affiliate link. Create personal or unique addresses using a keyword. Tiny.cc turns a ridiculously long URL into a tiny URL... short, meaningful and permanent."

Basically where you have an epic address like:


(new 24 Season 7 box set btw)

You can slam it into Tiny URL & shrink it down to http://tiny.cc/24561 Not bad for a free website & very useful for certain microblogging websites (twitter) which require users to make absolute use of every character!

Intersting & useful!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

For url shortening one can try www.Aafter.com. A feature of AAfter that is first of its kind in the web world is its generation of smaller URLs for a lengthy URL. If you type URL of any length on the search box, you get two smaller URLs on the original URL. Hence, either of the URLs can be used in place of the original URL to connect to the site. The tiny URLs are easy to remember and use.