31 Oct 2009

Tweet update:

Having now used Twitter for the past few months (now much more regularly thanks to some cool apps...more later) I'm liking it more and more.

It also is gaining more popularity through mass media & people are now starting to quote it as gaining peoples opinions for news articles on the Beeb News site, especially Stephen Fry!

This was something that was slowly revealing itself with the whole Blog idea, but now because of the simplicity & speed of posting people are micro-blogging more than ever.

As evidenced here, blogging can easily be off-putted by their bloggers because you almost have to be in the right mood to blog - to get one's brain on paper as it were, but this is not the case with Tweeting - it's instant & can be done just with a phone.

Now I know that it's possible to email in a blog or try doing it from a phone, but it really isn't quite as smooth.

Personally I love to process with writing, but the time-consuming element can be a little daunting.

I shall leave you with my postulating.

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