7 Nov 2009

Thoughtus generalus

You might have noticed but I am writing a lot more blogs, probably more than ever before & I'm trying to understand my own reason!

So here are my thoughts:

As a way to reflect, blogging is a great tool - the classic theory of getting ones brain on paper, to process my thoughts.

Another thought is just the sharing of my brain - my thoughts, opinions, geekery etc. as above. So when I here an awesome band/mix then sharing it to the masses seems obvious. Also as a gamer (Pikachuind in Xbox of course, as below) then telling people what I think & sharing the knowledge sees to be obvious.

The way I treat my blog is very similar to my relationship with my best mate (Vet Boy by the way). What I mean by that is that I don't really care what people think about my blog - you might think interesting, or not - but that's not really the point! It's like with Vet Boy - I tell him repeatedly he's my best mate, & he will be my Best Man, I don't care what he thinks of me & would not expect him to view me as his best mate in return!

I'm not really sure that even makes any sense to anyone but us, but that's the weirdness of our friendship!

With this blog, I'm thinking, processing & posting - I don't need people to care less about my thoughts - they're just out there.

Right that's enough randomness from me - time for some tea!

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