7 Dec 2009


So it's officially winter as far as I'm concerned - first frost, out comes the ski jacket, on go the gloves - it's cooooold outside! So here's a random thoughts update for this past few days/weeks:

Have been struggling recently with what to do for Christmas & generally feeling a little too alone. I think a lack of social interaction outside of work - instead playing too many games has a certain contribution. I've put it down to trying to save up for skiing & the deposit.

It did get to a stage where I got so frustrated with having zero monies, that I transferred a little bit & got me a digital camera & enough to cover my extended weekend with Maddie.

With the whole job/accommodation issue - so far am still effectively nowhere - saving like a crazy person still & hoping that a decision about my full-time employment is reached sooner rather than later. However my potential housemate s still in the not-quite-employed enough situation as well.

On the Christmas front, I've now established that I'm working on Christmas Eve, then will head over to Woking, for Christmas with the Kings (Maddie's family).

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