22 Dec 2009

These are the breaks

Now my thoughts are turned to somewhere altogether different - Brighton, or to be more specific - Marine Parade! Adam Freeland's label produces some fine artists: Freeland, Evil 9, Alex Metric & Ils for starters. This will be looking at the recent (kinda) releases for the 9 & Freeland:

Evil 9: They Live. Some other works by the 9 are their debut album: "You Can be Special To", a mix for the "Y4k" series & one of my favourite Fabric albums: "Fabric 28". The overall theme for this album is horror - but more specifically Zombies (win). The tracklisting is:

Feed On You
Wait - Evil Nine & David Autokratz
All The Cash - Evil Nine & El-P
They Live
Ngempa Guzon
How Do We Stop The Normals
Dead Man Coming - Evil Nine & Toastie Taylor
Set It Off - Evil Nine & Beans
Born Again
Twist The Knife - Evil Nine & Emily Breeze
Luke Goss
Icicles - Evil Nine & Seraphim

The top tracks are: "Wait", "They Live", "Dead Man Coming", "Twist the Knife", & the awesome "Icicles". So if you ever find yourself (& I know I do) playing Nazi Zombies (the extra game & possibly best part of Call of Duty 5: World at War) & need a soundtrack - we have a winner here!

Freeland: COPE (& a little of COPE Remixed)

Adam Freeland's 2nd release - this time as just 'Freeland' (Adam Freeland's own band) there's a really heavy rock influence, but still showing his breaks roots. The tracks break(s) like so:

"Do You"
"Under Control"
"Strange Things"
"Bring It"
"Rock On"
"Silent Speaking"
"Best Fish Tacos in Ensenda"
"Only a Fool (Can Die)"
"Morning Sun"
"Wish I Was Here"

There are some choice tracks: "Do You" is a proper sledgehammer to the brain (a good thing btw), the it whizzes through the rest of the album, "Under Control" is great, "Strange Things" is ok (but the High Rankin remix is out of this world & possibly better even than "Do You") "Bring it" & "Mancry" again are good breaks, but don't have the wow of the opening track. However, then things get a little more interesting!

"Borderline" brilliant & in my top breaks for this year (along with "Do you" & "Strange things Happen" High Rankin remix") "Rock on" is (shock) very rocky, but sits well on the album. "Silent speaking" is the only other slightly weak track - too chilled really. "Best Fish Tacos", "Only a Fool can Die" & "Morning Sun" all standout tracks & get the feet-tapping/dancing-round-the-house-like-a-maniac in me going & the final track is like a perfect set closer - the beats are thick & it feel like it goes on forever (note: The Jenkinsound Remix it it's perfect partner!).

Overall - Evil 9 get a 4/5 & Freeland 5/5

P.S. Get the Marine Parade podcast - for all your British breaks needs - they put up exclusive mixes by all the label's artists - win!

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