21 Jan 2010

T-Mobile/Fonesafe Rant

OK this is a mini irritation blog - courtesy of Fonesafe (the company who T-Mobile use as their insurance brokers).

So here's the story - when I had the chance to renew my phone contract last summer, I had just got a new payg phone so didn't need a new handset. Therefore I gave my upgrade to Madd Thoughts & decided to take out an insurance policy in case of loss/damage, etc.Well unfortunately Madds lost her phone this weekend & when I called up & game my honest account of what happened I was told that they couldn't accept my claim - why?

Well even though the insurance was sold on the basis that I would not be the primary user of the phone, when trying to claim for the loss I was advised - because I was not the user of the phone - my claim was invalid.So this means that after outlaying 6 months worth of insurance & had what looks like a perfectly valid claim  turned down because I was honest & told the story as accurately as possible, rather than just fake my claim.

So to get another phone for Madds I have to go out & buy a new one anyway - which has cost me about the same amount of money anyways. I've been really happy with T-Mobile for about 4 years, but this is not what I call fair & as such have emailed them with an official complaint.

We shall see what they will do - but I won't hold my breath. In short - grrrr

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