17 Feb 2010

Moving Out & On

Another week, another blog. This week's random thoughts are about the whole concept of moving out of where I am now & into my first house!
I've lived in Kidlington for about 15 years, with my Grandfather (Ian), since secondary school & it has been a bit of a mixed blessing - sometime marvellous with friends old & new & sometimes periods of great loneliness & frustration.

However, this is not my main reasoning for this blog - it's the fact that I'm now moving out & on to a new place. It's not going to be perfect (in fact, some might say it's very much far from it!) but it's a new place to call home. The idea is that I will then carve out some independence & learn how to make my way in the world myself. In doing this, I've ended up starting to pack up my possessions & have of course in the process had to 'lose' some 'less necessary' ones!

When doing this I have got rid of such random things like boxes of memories containing this from school & my childhood - the classic was my A Level Biology folder which had some classic 'additions' to it - bringing back memories of people borrowing my stuff & returning it covered in pictures of naked chicks & Begbie from the movie trainspotting - weird!

The really important thing for me was finding an old box of photographs & a box of letters & cards. I've kept all the photos & will need to go through them & maybe put them in albums eventually.

However, it was the letters that really stuck for me as I went though & sifted the cool from the yawn/fail. There were some letter from my Grandmother (Jean), which I had to mostly purge, but there were letters from Princess Diana & Earl Spencer's family, Mohamed Al-Fayed & even from the King of Jordan - definitely keeping those then!

The most interesting ones for me were from a time before emails (yes kids it did exist!) & people like Jo, Giz, Cheryl, Vet Boy & I used to communicate with the hand-written word! It brought back the classic memories of being a teenager & much happier & innocent times. I think I might have to dig them out next time I see them all - to see the reaction their words get!

Overall it's rather therapeutic to start to sift through things & purge a little, but also sad to say goodbye to bygone ages & periods of my life. And yet exciting to be starting something new. all this has come through one day of packing up - what will tomorrow bring?!

To be continued...

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Si said...

for info the new house is in Cowley (Oxford)