19 Mar 2010

Friday roundup

So it's Friday, I'm packed & ready to go down to Canterbury (in fact by the time this has autoposted - I will be on my way!) & I'm very much looking forward to seeing the Madd one again.

It's been a funny old week - either super-busy or super-quiet at work (currently the latter) - which gives me space to look at my project work. Me & Madds went up to Woking to surprise her mum for Mother's Day (she had no idea - it was genious!). I got a real short haircut, hung out with both my mother & little brother & generally had family being exceptionally nice. Also very nearly moved into the new house - the only minor hitch struggling to actually get my sofabed indoors!

However, throughout this week there was a strange sense of lonliness - I'm not sure I can pinpoint what that is - possibly just moving somewhere new (out of the 'family home'). I think the fact that I've been offline for a week or so hasn't helped, but going to see some friends & Madds this weekend will help enormously.

The weird thing about being offline (no internet/online gaming) is that I seem to be missing from the online community of gamers within my clan - weirdness.

One could argue that it's good to disconnect & to some extent I agree - but when the dust settles on my housemove - I'm going to need something to occupy myself & stop me spending unnecessary money - things are going to get more complicated soon & with rent & household bills to pay for the first time - everything matters!

Right enough random ranting for now - we continue

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