14 Apr 2010

Procrastinating about procrastination

So below is a list of 12 things that I tend to end up doing rather than doing anything productive/work-related
  1. Writing silly articles for this blog
  2. Reading other blogs from my blogroll: Youthblog mostly
  3. Reading BBC Entertainment pages & sometimes BBC Sport
  4. Browsing The Cheezeburger Network: so much lol, so little time! Particular favourites: Failblog, Very Demotivational, There I Fixed It, Bob's Gaming Warehouse, Failbook, M thru F & Epic Win FTW.
  5. Online social networking: Twitter & Facebook
  6. Checking for updates & releases on X-Box Live & seeing about CoD6 MW2
  7. Never-ending Movie Quiz (I own)& Bejewelled Blitz on Facebook
  8. Fast & difficult quizes on Sporcle
  9. 'Researching on Wiki & IMDB
  10. Using Google Talk
  11. Procrastinate by using google searches (I think I want to find geeky toys/release date for this game)
  12. Create a map of friends & places using Google Earth

6 actually quite productive things I should probably be doing online....when I’m trying to avoid real work (lol):

  1. Writing useful articles & getting my brain on paper...on this blog
  2.  Researching about VLE's (see Project Work tab)
  3. Researching & learning about Dreamweaver
  4. Planning for my wedding (this will get more & more over the coming weeks & months I feel)
  5. Learning about new technology/developments on BBC Tech
  6. Learn new skills or applications
From an original idea from this Blog article

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