28 Apr 2010

Recent Slackness

OK I haven't really been a total writing slacker - just a Blogger slacker!

I've been keeping a Wedding journal - detailing our processes, but not just for me, but also as a written record for others in the future to read - that's how it's been written & therefore keeping my brain on paper. I've chaptered it & will (somehow) integrate the big to-do list when I can next get my hands on it!

Also coming up this weekend is my good friends' (Mark & Han V) daughter's first birthday - awwwww! Reflecting on this briefly - it's bizarre to spend some much time with such a tiny person - seeing her grow up. It's the first time I've spend so much time with a newborn (I seem to be seeing the whole family really regularly - thanks guys!) & this has definitely woke up my internal desire for parenthood - scary stuff!

We contine...

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