18 Apr 2010

Wedding Prep Pt 2

Another day & another Wedding update...

So we've made some progress - we've got someone to help us plan our wedding, who has then helped create an epic 'to-do' list (seriously there's like 100 things to do!). however, thankfully I/we have been able to knock 1 or 2 things off the list!

We're getting close to setting the date (definitely 2012, & most likely early June, just after the half-term) and have pretty much decided on the venue (St John's Church in Woking). Madds is also having 'fun' tring to work out bridesmaids and a reception location (to be fair - she knows the area much, much better than I do!).

I've picked my Best Man easily enough and then narrowed down 3-4 ushers and setup a wedding fund account (scratch 3 things off the list). I've also started looking at honeymoons and begun the process of looking at what I'm going to wear. I think some serious planning will be necessary for the outfit(s) to match up with bridal/family expectations, as well as budget, design, colours etc.The honeymoon is slightly easier - I know what I want & roughly where in the world, now comes the saving-up part!

It's definitely a start, but we have  along way to go yet.

We continue...

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