24 Jun 2010

Polish Reflection

So this is a post which I should have written as soon as I came back from Poland, but in reality life (well my party really!) seems to have got in the way a little.

So then what happened in Poland? It was definitely an experience, the city we went to was Kracow which was a surprisingly nice place to visit, witha  big population (getting on for a million) & a very tourist-heavy place. We flew from Luton > Kracow directly via cheesyjet...sorry Easy Jet & got to the hotel (guest house really) in good time to then unpack & head to the dentist.

The dentist itself was seriously state-of-the-art - everything was clinically clean & hygenic, the staff spoke brilliant english (superior to my polish by a very long way) & were serious professionals. The work involved was a large scale restoration job - repairing what could be repaired & fixing where fillings had gone bad, following on from a consult & a 3D electronic X-Ray which they then gave me a burn of [helpful].

So they did 3 cosmetic [but completely essential] fillings on the front, then 4 rebuilds (layered fillings, as far as I understand), in a seriously fast time & I definitely would recommend them - they were brilliant!

I'm going back & will report on that at the end of July, but for now - so far, so good!

Here's the before Xray  :)

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