17 Aug 2010

CoD6 MW2 DLC & Prestiging

OK a little random geekery for a Monday Tuesday - there have now been 2 lots of  downloadable content (DLC) for Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2 & let's be honest - it's not been the most cost effective waste of my time I have ever know - 1200 Microsoft (MS) points for 5 maps, followed by another 1200 MS points for another 5 maps! Total 2400 MS points, at 85p/MS point = £21.25 for just 10 'new' maps. The most irritating part...the maps aren't even new - half of them are re-hashed versions of CoD4 MW! However, attempting (bitterly) to put this aside for a minute to concentrate on the gameplay - what do the new maps add? Variance, simply put, which is not necessarily a bad thing!

What I (& TC + Sparky, etc.) have all done is to 'prestige' - this is where you reset all unlocks (weapons/perks/equipment) in multiplayer, to progress further & unlock different badges. There is no real advantage (no new guns/perks are unlocked) but you get some new badges & the pleasure of starting from the beginning & using more basic weaponry & learning to love going back to the start, but this time with skills! All in all this has all lead to a little added value to the game & has kept people playing.

However, I think many people want to see either some new weapons or spec-ops/single-player missions - that would lead to some actual replayability.

Rant over...we continue

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