6 Sep 2010

Update of Wedding Stuffs

So in the last week everything has gone into overdrive in the past week!

Over the bank holiday we managed to establish:

  • Date
  • Wedding Venue
  • Reception Venue/plan
  • Bridesmaids

Then this week spoke to every usher I had lined up, negotiated a friendly Photographer, started organising with the wedding planner, spoke to the best man, typed up a guest list, signed up for a wedding list registry, organised a person to help with all the stationary & even found time to establish some potential discount for Madds bridal dress & a contact with a jewellers, oh & asked my old man if he would get me & my baby brother a good suit for the occasion. Not too shabby for about 10 days!

Now it's onto budgets & more groundwork - it's all good fun, but all I'm talking about is weddings - boring to some, but not to most!

We most definitely continue...

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