26 Oct 2010

New Footy Game

A long held game of cat & mouse, a game of 2 halves, etc. there are 2 football princes vying to be king, last year, apparently it was Fifa's year, hopefully this year will be different!

I've stuck with Pro Evo, since 2006 (when I first got my 360) & have bought it every year: 2008, 2009 & 2010, so now it's only natural to get the new 2011 version.

Therefore, I have decided to......not purchase a new football title this year. Now here's why:

  1. Last years title was a little disappointing - lots of good things happened, champions league, etc. but the massive disappointment was the refereeing - which once again sucked!
  2. I'm saving for a wedding - come on people - I can't save and spend out on 'luxuries' as well!
  3. Football games are really a social tool - you need to play it with friends and you can't really play this on your own, which tends to be how I'm playing at the momento - hence why Fable, Halo: Reach, Lego and the CoD games work so well for me - you can do it without...backup!
So I'm not boycotting it, I'm just not planning on buying it, you know...unless the need  arises!

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