10 Nov 2010


This year, I am taking part in a charity even designed to raise money for Prostate Cancer research. It's called Movember or sometimes No-Shave-November and encourages men to put down their razors/shavers & grow a healthy moustache. I think it's a very worthy cause as there does seem to be a general trend in focusing on breast cancer a massive issue, but less on one of biggest male cancers - Prostate (see the wiki link):

Now has been running since around 2003 over in Australia, but has become more & more prevalent, especially amongst rugby teams (e.g. Wasps whose team roster pictures are normally taken during the month of November hence the delightful moustaches on some of their players last year!)

There are a team of Mo Bro's in my office (called LTG), and I thought I would join, both because of what the charity is designed for & the impact on my own life with prostate issues, as well as the excuse to grow some facial fur!

So far there have been some cake sales to raise money and there is a campaign in the office to get one of the guys who has had a full beard for an estimated 30 years to shave it all off...if we can raise £500, but it's all done in good humour!

I will stick a pic up at the end of the month, but if you would like to sponsor me, please have a look at the following link which will take you to my Mo Space page.

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