26 Jan 2011

Fable 3

Fable 3 - another 2010 sequel, but a game so much darker than previous Fable games (check out my previous review for Fable 2), there are parts which bring some serious edge to the gameplay - you really are facing off against the forces or darkness...but first you have to get to be king (or queen).

This game is split into 2 halves - questing to gather followers, when you have enough, you can challenge for the throne from your evil brother. There are some great moments and you will once again sink days into this game, but you can complete the main part of the game in 10-15 hours, but there are so many side quests & whole hidden realms (there's a whole town that does not exist, even when you complete the main story, it's unlocked through a quest).

It's a game where you have to make some really tough moral decisions, even before you become King and that your actions can have long-running consequences - if you do evil, you will become more evil and vicaversa. This is done to scuh an extent that not only do you begin to change your appearance, but your weapons start dripping with blood & NPC's cower or run away from you when you walk past!

The voice acting is pretty brilliant really - how about this for some voice actors are; Simon Pegg ( as the rebel soldier Ben Finn), Jonathan Ross (as Barry Hatch), Stephen Fry (resuming his role as Reaver), Zoe Wanamaker (resuming her role as the mysterious Theresa - your guide to the throne), John Cleese (as your butler Jasper who also appears in the Sanctuary), Bernard Hill (as Sir Walter Beck) and Sir Ben Kingsley (as Sabine, elder of the Dweller tribe) not bad...for a game!

There are a few (fairly minor) irritants though, like the occasional visual glitch - just try spinning on the spot & you'll see what I mean, or the fact that you still can't jump, the firearm targeting system is not amazingly accurate & the interactions with NPC's is not great either. But they don't really detract from the overall game.

There is one thing which may frustrate/irritate people is once again the issue of DLC (DownLoadable Content) & the cost of adding features which people argue should have been included in the original game.Below is a list of current add-ons for Xbox 360 (or click here) & the most expensive the is Understone pack, which is just one very short mission which unlocks a small town...not the greatest use of 400MS Points ever! See what you think:

1. Fable III Dog Breed Set: 240 MS Points
2. Fable III Free Yule Hat: 0 MS Points
3. Fable III Understone Quest Pack: 400 MS Points
4. Fable III Five Star Dog Potion: 80 MS Points
5. Fable III Hair Pack: 160 MS Points
6. Fable III Female Highlander Outfit: 160 MS Points
7. Fable III Highlander Tattoo Set: 80 MS Points
8. Fable III Dye Pack: 80 MS Points
9. Fable III Red Setter Dog Potion: 160 MS Points
10. Fable III Industrial Knight Outfit: 160 MS Points
11. Fable III Male Highlander Outfit: 160 MS Points
12. Fable III Dog Outfit: 160 MS Points
13. Free Weapons: 0 MS Points

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