14 Feb 2011

Facebook Games = Fail

So as many will know, I am a Facebook user & a bit of a (massive) old-fashioned gamer (yes, I realise the irony in the fact that a) this makes me old & b) old-fashioned really just means console/hardcore) but what happens when you combine the 2 & I try playing some of the games now available on Facebook?

Well unfortunately the result is a resounding....fail!

Now the reason is that all of these games share some common issue - an inability to be able to actually complete a game, no new content by the developers to keep the user interested, but the biggest failing (yet marketing genius) is that of recharging/building/earning/mining to get resources.

There are 3 games I normally play: My Empire (oh dear), Pirates Ahoy (don't start!) &  Backyard Monsters (wow). Now each of them have no maximum level to achieve therefore no completion is possible - there is no concrete end. Each of them requires you to complete buildings/earn coins etc. but tell you that you have to wait 24 hours or in some cases a whole week - I cannot imagine any standard game asking you to wait so long - but the overall reward is so limited, it becomes pointless very quickly. Couple this with almost imperceptibly no development & what you are left with is a novelty game which loses its shine faster than my chocolate teaspoons!

Rant over, we continue...

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