26 May 2011

Thor: God of Thunder vs. Thor (the movie)

How is it possible 2 things can be so many worlds apart? I am of course referring to the difference between say a movie & a movie-tie-in-game! There have been some properly shocking games released at the same time as movies & I really struggle to think of one which has really stood in the same league as the movie they claim to be tied to (I would suggest a hefty pair of scissors would see to that)...well maybe the Chronicles of Riddick prequels & Lego Star Wars!

If you look at some of the offenders: Iron Man, Transformers, anything James Bond (except the excellent, classic Goldeneye), Prince of Persia (the game of the movie of a game...wtf!) Tron Evolution, Battle of Los Angeles, Avatar & the Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings Games & there is a much bigger list (most of these all have sequels!) the developers don't seem to learn from their mistakes.

When you look at some of the brilliant games out there (I would argue Bulletstorm, Call of Duty, etc.) then why on earth does sheer crap like Thor: God of Thunder exist?

Now I tried with this game, I really did, but the gameplay sucked, the combat sucked, the camera angle sucked - it was wave after wave of mindless enemies & button mashing like the evil spawn of Dynasty Warriors 12 (or whatever number they're on) - but the irony is that I'm sure I would prefer the current iteration of DW, than this steaming pile of manure! I struggled on for about 6 hours & got a minute percentage of the way through the game - you would have to be a super-human to reach the end!

Now don't get me wrong the characters are some of my favourite in the Marvel Universe - Thor is definitely my favourite, eclipsing any of the Xmen, Deadpool, etc. I loved the movie it blew me away. But there are certain, universal rules - if you make a game of a movie or a movie of a game...it will almost certainly suck! There I said it, now let's move on!

In the end I had to trade it in, within a week of owning it! I'm going to save the in-store credit for Thor...the movie when it's released later this year, at least that will entertain me :D

Rant over (but for a full rant by those G4 Pros, see here)

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tcranston said...

interesting, I generally agree with the movie to game fail, I think game to movie fails less.

Execptions to the movie to game fail, I think include:
Star Wars
Star Trek

(and yes Goldeneye was a classic!)