1 Jun 2011

Dear America...more good shows please & stop cancelling ones I like!

So I've said it before, but in the last year or so has seen an irritating trend in the cancellation of what I considered to be rather good TV shows.

Some like Lost & 24 found their natural conclusion (well kinda) & others stopped in the middle of a secene (Sopranos) but some just stop when things get interesting.

So here are 3 examples of shows which have recently been cancelled:

  • Rubicon: something in the most secret of secret agencies looking at a plot which was nicely complex & was becoming essential viewing. This plot spanned the whole of its 1 season (only 10 episodes) before being axed - damn.
  • Human Target: a great little comic-book adaptation which had strong performances by the whole cast - good plot lines, great sequences, but left by the wayside after 2 great seasons. Really sad to see this go.
  • Lie to Me: this was one of the most watchable shows on TV for a while - I would say I prefer it to even House. The excellent Tim Roth giving a massive performance every week, with a highly interesting take on a crime drama - being a human lie detector who could read peoples faces & uses this to discover rather uneasy truths. The overall plot was progressing nicely & had some truely brilliant episodes with great guest stars. It was axed mid season 3...seriously disappointed!

So so if you're cancelling this quality of show & producing pap like Two & A Half Men, I think you need to think about those who don't apreciate canned laughter & predictable plots - treat the audience with some intellect please!?

We continue.

P.S. Game of Thrones & Archer fall under the AAA category (& yes the A stands for awesome)