12 Jul 2011

GMiL 1

Discovering Original Kronenbourg with JMC & other Cokethorpe people
during the infamous French Exchange to Argenton. We still celebrate
this when we get together & have a beer in the summer time.
Finding a dead rat at the Cranston's with Smellit & dropping it into
into wheelie-bin - also at that time the infamous bear in the woods
Eating ice cream till all hours in the original Haagen Daz shop with
the originals - Jo, Caroline, JMC, Cheryl & Vivi.
The Solid Rock weekend away - for the infamous poo-sticks - "That's
not a stick THAT's a stick" (i.e. a tree) & climbing the wall &
helping up all the rest of the group over the wall.
Picnics in University Parks, Oxford with various people including the
originals - Jo, Caroline, JMC, Cheryl & Vivi.
Swimming from the Victoria Arms pub in Oxford as I couldn't get back
on the punt & being mocked for a very long time.
Discovering Trance - Gatecrasher Red on cassette & then the arrival of
CD's meant life would never be the same again - dance music forever a
part of my psyche.
Discovering Hard House - via Rick Castle/ISC crew - Insomnia 1 & Hard
House Euphoria begin a long & industrious career as a
clubber/cyberfreak - baggy combats, acupunture shoes, tight cyberdog
(ultraviolet glowing) vest tops & spiky multi-coloured hair!
Hearing Adam Freeland's live mixes: Wonderlust & Essential Mixes, the
COPE album & Evil 9 , Ills & Fabric mixes - these are the breaks
becoming a permanent fixture phrase.
Swimming in the sea on very cold 1st December - with boardies only -
no wet/dry suit!
Coasteering (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coasteering) for TC's stag
weekend - running between rocks & the sea, climbing, diving & trying
to navigate an epic journey - once in a lifetime...but I want to do it
Spring Harvest - never working so hard in one week & discovering the phrase Spring Harvest-strong coffee!
Soul Survivor - holy spirit encounter - deliverance ministry
Soul in the City - pringle sandwiches!
Singing for Helen Barker's wedding
Escorting/helping/walking with Joanna into the sea with my first visit
to Mid Wessex Christian Camps
My own baptism & organising the music for 2 other baptisms - blowing
the roof off Kidlington Baptist Church.
Blasting out Knights of Cydonia to wake up Mid Wessex & then driving
out to the same track later that day - immense track & great memory.

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