6 Apr 2010

A pressing engagement

Now this is not a post I thought I would have to write, however very exciting news blogfans - I'm engaged to be married to Miss Madeleine King!

So (in a very romanticalist way) we went for a picnic in Florence Park (Oxford - very close to where I grew up - near Iffley) complete with picnic basket fully loaded with picnic supplies (very similar to our first picnic), rug & a sneaky bottle of Laurent Perrier Brut Millesime 1999 champagne. I brought my rucksack which had the ring inside, as well as my sound dock for some outdoor choons.

It was a very happy occasion & I'm happy to formally announce (well to my blogfans) my engagement. We're both very happy & then comes the plan for the wedding, but not just yet - we will look to the future with glad hearts!

We continue...

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