15 Nov 2006

Me....leading worship?!?!

Hey ho, another day, another blog!

I had group last night, which although was "not the best planned ever", still went really quite well! We played with soem new tech equipment that the youtth project may well end up getting from my Dad, which was fun, a mixing desk, amp & speaker set & even more fun, some CD-decks lol. I thought I'd bring along a shed-load of my old CD singles that I have been clooecting over the past couple of years & see what happens when you let some young people loose with some fun tech stuff!!

The results were pretty good actually! Based on my huge experience of being a DJ [huh!!]....or not! I explained the basics - mixing of 2 tracks into each other, with the idea of creating one seemless track, using a combination of cuing up & fading in one track to the next, & so on.

By the end of the evening we were getting some good sounds from the kit, & the speakers, amp etc. were more than capable of hodling their own & cranking out the tunes - win!!

This leads me nicely onto today.....for which I'm running the worship for uni.....in about 3 minutes ahhhhhhh!!

Anyways, I'm using as much contemporary worship ideas as I know, looking at what worship is & looks like.....a good debate, as my theology tells me that God does not care about what the tune sounds like or even the words....it's all about the heart of the worshipper......to be continued!

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jesus hates techno
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