15 Nov 2006


Now it's a little later in the day, we've finished for the day......which is nice! Had a really good/relevant/interesting lecture from Paul - Christology & it made my brain hurt lol! He also gave us some really good essay advice & so should help me loads when I come to write about what I'm going to write about.......huh!

Right I've also firmly made up my mind to definitely go to Youthwork The Conference down in Eastbourne this weekend ~ my boss called me today to confirm that my placement church had found me sponsorship to go to it & it should be really good - win!

Finally, the worship session that I ran......I think it went ok, but people listening tipo me freaks me out lol. I believe that those peoe listening appreciated the culture difference that I brought to the session & the use of different forms of media. I also think that the way I ran it was good.....to a point - when I got people into groups to pray with each other - there was no real purpose to it, which I think would have helped, also I think that the bible passage was not as applicable as I first thought. However, having said this, it is good to reflect on one's work & see where things can be improved. Also thanks to Steve for doing my observation & giving me reall constructive feedback - thanks mate.


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