6 Nov 2006

Monday, the endless......ness

Good avo blogfans!

Well an interesting day it has been - one of the biggest stresses for me in recent times has been lifted - yaaaaaaaaaay! Not only that but driving to Heathrow was hilarious fun - magic fog lol!

Also 2 random things to annoy me; the Daily Mail & something which is important & relevant - the book The God Delusion. Hmmmmmm! Mr Richard Dawkins seems to be on some sort of anti-religious crusade. We had a lecture on this last week & it affected me so much that I thought I'd get it, read it & critique it - win.

Right I'm off to see if the muppets who 'fixed' my laptop can sort out the mess that they left behind - in this day & age - what is the point of not having WiFi on a laptop with it built in - d'oh!


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