5 Nov 2006

Sunday mornin'

Morning blogfans! Well it's been a very busy weekend - again & young Simon is feeling the pressure again from all sides (makes me sound like a damn submArine, but hey!); have got a tonne of written work to do for Uni - an essay about management, an exam coming up next week & have to lead worship then to! also gotta redraft most of the work that I've already written this term - as I'm not yet working to a 2nd year level - a bit of a problem based on the fact that I AM a 2nd year!!! Oh & lets not forget my placement - have got to plan for all groups, come up with a script for 1 group, plan a talent evening for the other & try to get the 3rd off the ground! oh just rewrite all policies & procedures for the project & get some sort of leaders pack together for my volunteer leaders. then find the time to sort out an additional placment & deal with my mounting correspondence lol it's all green really lol Well my theory is that worry not, ecclesiastes 3 & I assume that in heaven life is much less papaerwork!!!!!!!!!!

Happy bloggeringnessthingworkerisms


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Si said...

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Youthblog said...

Hope you are less Submarine like now :-)
That's 2 out of 9 in the small group who blog now, actually come to think of it it's only 1 as Mike never writes anything.
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