13 Nov 2006

Monday Stuff

Morning all you craaaazy blogfans.......well Ian at least lol.

Well it's been a few days since my last blog, but it's been very busy (hey that's youthwork for you) had the service for rememberance Sunday yesterday morning followed by Quake in the evening, with the day only broken up with a spot of luncheon & some journalling....again! Not entirely sure how I'm going to submit stuff tho as I don't have the interweb on my computer......still!!

Also had a runion for the Mid Wessex camp I did over the summer this weekend which was really good. I always find it facinating to see how much young people change in just 4 months!!

Rewind (Friday group) was great fun & I ran the whole session with loads of silliness......quite right really, but the young people were being more than a little disrespectful & so I sa them down & had a chat with them all about why it is important to respect leaders & those adults in their lives. The conversation then turned to respecting each other & those of a different ethnicity or faith belief than themselves. To be honest I was pleasantly surprised by their reactions & I think that this might be a good idea to do at the end of the evening/session for this group.

Finally in my more reflective mood, I have been reflecting on the whole aspect of team in my reworked journal & the thing I want to share about that is this; without God as part of your team, you will never have complete success. I know it seems bold & sweeping, but my experience so far backs this theory - when God has been simply ignored then the team has never worked, but where He has been there at the ginning, middle & end it has been a winner!

A good thought for the day! If you haven't ever checked out my most inspired bible verse.......do so NOW! Joshua 1:9



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Si said...

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Marie-Linda said...

Nice reflection Simon! Thanks for that, and thank you for your favourite Bible quote. It made my day!
Hope your youth work continues to go well!
12:55 AM