8 Nov 2006

More Wednesday-ness

ok so small group was great again - had some really good conversations about the exam we have next week that a lot of people were panicing about, Han W led us through a journal which was relevant because it was all about soteriology (the study of the Christian theology surrounding salvation). I say relevant as it's one of the things that we're studying this term at Uni. Was sad that Mikey & Nikki were missing, but hey you can't help you, or your car being ill!!

I then had a chat with Ian about the stuff I was working on today - a workflow diagram & breakdown - as I'm feeling the pressure on every front & to be honest am struggling a little with keeping my head above the surface as much as I would like. He helped me go through some of the key work patterns that I'm trying to do - which was awesome! It's given me some ideas & thoughts to mull over this evening, with a view to progressing & keep (relatively) sane!!!

Now I'm on the bus home reflecting on this discussion & I'm now feeling much more positive about stuff. Hopefully I'm not whining too much, but if I am, you'll get over it.

happy blogging


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