4 Nov 2006


Good morning Blog fans & greetings on this cold but glorious morning!

Well saw the great Lab 4 & they were as spectaular as I expected, they even managed to fina a DJ who could actually play after a set from the boys - good old Proteus from Finland!!

The atmosphere was pretty good for a Zodiac gig, the crowd were up for it but were all a bit f##ked by 12,so but thw time Lab 4 came on at 1am, I 80% of the crowd were more than a little wasted!

However, to be honest it's something that I've come to expect with the clubbing scene & although I don't agree with those people who feel they need drugs, I can see why they do it. As we discussed this in lectures recently, my theory is that people (especially in the clubbing scene) are trying to get this sense of euphoria.

As a Christian, I would argue that this is really people exploring their own spirituality & trying reach 'something'. Again my own interpretation of this is that people are trying to reach God, but without necessarily working this out.

I believe that this euphoria that is both being sought & obtained can be compared to an interpretation of the experience of the Holy Spirit that Christians get.

An interesting point? I think so!

My final musing for this time in the morning is this - it's very easy to judge, have prejudice & make assumptions about the club culture, but until you actually go & experience it, you may be well wide of the truth!!!

We continue


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