29 Mar 2007

All about me!

K as some of my friends want to know what's been happening since 1997 - well I did the whole school thing, then finished in the middle of 6th Form. I then went & became an office monkey for about 3 years, then moved up to Cambridge for nearly a year [anything to get away from Oxford lol] then came back & became an office monkey again - but doing something very geeky - software support for an educational publisher. All very exciting I'm sure!

When I came back from Oxford I started doing some voluntary youthwork for my local church, then I started to focus more & more on that rather than my day-job, to the point where I had an early mid-life crisis & didn't know what I was doing & what the point was of my existence. Then I decided to switch to do youthwork because it made sense to me & gave me a purpose.

I found the right course for me [Youth & Community Works with Applied Theology] at Oxford Brookes & I have been doing that since 2005 – I’m now nearly at the end of my 2nd year & it’s been the best thing for me!

I now work for a youth project out in North Leigh [somewhere between Witney & Long Hanborough] – deep in the jungles of west Oxfordshire & do community-based youthwork with about 80 young people. We have a brand new youth centre which I should gain access to by the end of March this year, & so it’s all very exciting! I’ll finish my degree in mid-2008, then the idea is that I can pretty much go where I choose, to do youthwork full time, because there are not many qualified youthworkers, but a heck of a lot of places crying out for help – win!

Take care

Si <><

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