31 Mar 2007

The Blogsphere

OK I’m a slacker & I know it, but when it comes to the internet I seem to be on it all the time, but never seem to blog – never a good thing! I have been spending most of my offline time writing 2 essays – each 3000 words long, but those are all done & dusted – nice! Now, I’ve worked out that I have to do about 10’000 words over Easter – technically, but we’ll see! My online time seems to be spent on the magical world of Facebook! It is evil & must be punished, just like my liver lol! But it is great to be able to begin catching up with some of my old school friends – bizarre, seeing as I left about 9 years ago! I highly recommend it to those who aren’t on it – it’s quite the win lol!


Si <><

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