11 Nov 2007

How many?!?

Morning bloggers - had a very busy couple of days: friday night we had more than one or two young people turn up for the regular Friday group - 49 to be precise, with 5 junior [i.e under 18] leaders so technically 54 - it was raaaather busy!!

this then created the rather nice 'problem' of having too many young people in the building, but not quite reaching bursting point. It did, however, create rather an organisational headache - what can you do with that many young people?

This does bring up the quantity vs. quality debate & make me ponder how much 'good' work you can do with that many people. So it was all a little head-scratchy, but I'm taking it to both my Boss & Management Committee in a big meeting on Monday night, so watch this space... But in the mean-time some more contemplation & prayer is necessary methinks!

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