11 Nov 2007

Had something highly unusal happen during the middle of the night - a power-out! & it really did suck!! This was mostly because of the '1 or 2' bits of electronic equipment in my room, when the power went down I could tell [all LED's on my wireless router, 1TB HDD, iMac, dock, lamps, speakers went off!] then over the next hour & a half - between 3 - 4:30am the power went on & off about 5 times!!

Each time the power went back on; my iMac [because of power-fail option > system preferences n00bs!], the street lamp outside my window & the security floodlights all burst back into life & work me up - grrrrr!!

all in all, a busy saturday, follow by a bit of a shocker of a night's sleep did not mean a very happy Pikachu first thing this morning! But hey-ho a lie in tommorow morning I feel - I think I need one!!

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