12 Nov 2007

Pure reflections [Part 1]

OK, I've started reading again, again about relationships, this time it's 'Pure: sex & relationships God's way' by Linda Marshall [for details on the book click here] both because of a thirst of understanding & also [specifically this book] because Maddie is doing a study, using this as the key text - I feel that it makes sense, so that we can discuss both of our opinions & thoughts on it.

My first reflection has come from an early chapter [Pure: Perfection] where the author has listed commonly held character traits of men & women, by a group of Christian students. It was quite an amusing list, however, there was one which really struck me:
Made to be in realtionship with God.
I'm not completely certain why this is the case, but I think that my thoughts track back to Genesis 1-3 & the creation story [specifically the creation of Man & Woman] - which I am studying in my quiet times at the moment.

Thinking about the reason for God to create man, it should be really quite obvious that we were created for relationship with Him, but I think that this fact can often be missed or forgotten by Christians - could you imagine that revelation hitting the world - that our entire purpose is to be in relationship with God - it's mind-boggling even to contemplate it!

Although I'm yet to really get to the meat of this book, however, I think that hopefully this will not only add to my growing insight into relationships, but also aid my delevopment in my spiritual life & understanding of God.

Right back to it!

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