17 Feb 2008

Sins of the Blogger

OK it's been far too long since I blogged [November!] & I'm definitely going to get on it again, I now have the technical resources [i.e. a new & very rad laptop] but not yet the time to blog properly. I'm currently in the reading stage of my dissertation, & it's generally going rather well, & I'm enjoying it but it's a heck of a lot of work still left to go. Also I've now only got a term & a half left of my placement, so that's scary & exciting all at the same time - now it's the job-hunting season!! With that in mind, I need to go & read some more [I've officially now read more in this half term than I have in my entire degree!!]. My final update is with teh Madders - things are going really quite awesomely & we both feel that we know where this relationship might be going - but don't get ahead of yourself just yet readers - the timing is all wrong - I gotta find a job & she's got to work out which Uni to go to as well.

Right to Waaaaaaar...well hitting the book anyways, laters potaters!!

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miss kt said...

about time you got posting again young man ;) look forward to have another blog to read more of

good luck with the reading